We are a professional firm of Business Valuers engaged in the valuation of non quoted shares and businesses, all forms of intellectual property (“IP”), goodwill and intangible assets for purposes as diverse as tax, financial reporting, disputes, divorce, M&A and strategic overview.
We also set royalty rates for tax, transfer pricing and fair value purposes.


Why come to us?

We have over 40 years of valuation experience and have specialised on the valuation of intangible assets over the last 15 years.  

We have the best Continuing Professional Development of any equivalent company in the UK.

We have a good relationship and reputation with HMRC.

We do nothing but valuations and are therefore fully independent of any other function or relationship our clients.

> The benefits of a valuation


We offer a wide range of Business valuation services, specialising in the valuation of intangible assets.  

We also do the valuation and prepare the paperwork for EMI and ESS schemes and submit them to HMRC.

> Tax valuation
> Disputes
> Royalty rate determinations
> Financial reporting
> Other valuation scenarios
> How we operate


Our principles have both worked within HMRC, but have also experience with large international accountancy firm and smaller specialist valuation houses before setting up Valuation Solutions Ltd.

Because we specialise in valuations our experience of the work asked of us is second to none.

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